Love Loud! And what it stands for.

Hello fellow bloggers and friends. I haven’t posted anything for awhile now it seems. I had an overwhelming urge to post something about the documentary I just watched featuring Dan Reyonlds from the rock band Imagine Dragons. Reyonlds is from Provo Utah, and was raised LDS. He completed a mission in Nebraska and following his return he fell in love with a non mormon. Reyonlds said he knew she was his soul mate, but because of his faith and the fear of abandoment from everything he knew he told her they could not be with each other but could remain friends. Aja, Reyonlds wife, decided to learn more about his religion and shortly after converted to the LDS religion. She said the only thing she did not approve of was the ban from same sex marriage. Aja said her two best friends did not attend her wedding because

the mormon belief went against their own beliefs. Her two best friends were lesbians and felt uncomfortable attending. Reynolds later said he still feels guilt due to his wifes two best friends not being there on their wedding day. I watched a documentary called Believe made by Dan Reynolds last year, and it blew me away. I myself practiced the morman religion in my childhood and was baptized LDS. I wouldn’t consider myself a devout morman, even at that age, but I knew enough to realize some people just look over a issue if it doesn’t directly affect their lives.

I live in Utah, and I was shocked to hear the suicide among teens has tripled in the last 3 years. Among LDS teenagers, they are taught being homosexual is a sin. Being a teenager is hard enough, you’re trying to find out who you are and what you want to do with your life. To have these feelings of being attracted to the same sex, or not feeling right in your body, feeling like you were born with the wrong sexual equipment 😉 has to be extremely overehelming, scary and suffocating. I can’t imagine what a young adult must feel like when they go to the one place they have always felt safe and protected by; their church, and they are told they will go to hell for having these feelings.

I support same sex marriage, I support happiness and being an individual. I feel helpless on the subject because I know it will take a hell of a lot more than my voice to make a chance. I’m not a member of the church anymore,  so I’m not scared of them backlashing at me for having an opinion about their ridiclous desire to control peoples lives. That is 100% what they are about. How does same sex marriage directly effect their lives? It doesn’t. They just want to control people and it makes me sick. Young teens and adults are dying everyday right here in this community because of the fear of judgement and the confusion of their own destiny. Their hearts are telling them one thing, and the church is completely telling them something else and their scared. It’s horrible.

I just want people to read this blog, maybe research this subject better and have their own opinions. My opinion is clearly in support for peoples happiness, their identity, loving one another and having a beautiful happy life. If a member of the church happens to be lesbian or gay, that is none of my business to tell them they are sinning. I don’t believe they are. I k ow this kight stir up some controversy, and I was prepared for that before I wrote this. I just realized I couldn’t not speak up on this subject. I hope I didnt offend anyone, my only desire was to open this conversation up and hope people can do just that. Have a conversation.

Thank you for reading, it truly meant a lot to me.


So…. Relapse Happened…

Hello fellow friends,

I did, unfortunately, have a relapse. At first, I was so upset with myself, I had almost 9 months clean and sober, how the hell did I relapse?! But that wasn’t doing me ANY good. So I forced myself to stop feeling sorry for myself, and I went to work on why I relapsed. There were quite a few reasons actually, and one of them was not attending meetings. Meetings are not for everyone, and I was certainly convinced they were not for me. But after reading the first 5 chapters of my AA book, I realized I have to adapt and completely open myself to this program and be honest with myself, or I will continue to relapse and relapse, only I might not be so lucky next time. I might never wake up, and then I’d feel like a total dumbass.

So I started by going through all the meetings in my area and finding one I could go to when I had my daughter taken care of. And after that, I then pulled out both copies of my AA and NA book. I have never read the AA book. Ever… I’ve been an addict for 10 years, and I’ve never read the book. I got through the first 5 chapters immediately and I felt better. I felt at peace with my relapse because as the AA book explains, many of us pursue the drug or drink into the gates of insanity or death. That is just how our disease works and has control over us. That is why meetings and other forms of alike social interaction are so important to the recovering addict/alcoholic. We need to support each other because no one knows how this disease really is except one another. So I forced myself to get over the uncomfortableness I feel when in a meeting, and I am going to one tomorrow morning. They are so important…

Now, other self-care activities should be practiced if you have relapsed or feel you are close to doing so. For me, I love to read, go for walks, take baths, shop, meditate and do yoga. Self-care is critical for someone in recovery because it dedicates time reserved for YOU. You need to be sure no matter how small, or big the act may be that you are committed to self-care and not ashamed to do whatever it is you are seeking. I sometimes feel guilty when I talk to my husband about watching the turd, (Aubree) so I can do yoga by myself, or go for a walk around the block by myself. But I can promise you, your partner much rather you share what you need from them so you can take care of yourself before it turns into a relapse situation. Anyways, I wanted to be open and honest about my relapse and share with you all in case this reaches someone who might be struggling with the same things and I hope it was able to help them.



Rather than viewing a brief relapse back to inactivity as a failure, treat it as a challenge and try to get back on track as soon as possible.

Jimmy Connors

Karin Slaughter is the BEST EVERR

Hello, my lovely blogging friends… How has everyone been!? I haven’t been on my account for a long time! I have been dealing with very adult things lately, like getting approved for my families first condo, and becoming first-time homeowners! And like all the other mother’s know, school is out, and the kids are itching for activities. But when I get a chance to read, I am in love with Karin Slaughter. I wanted everyone to know she is by far my favorite author. I started a bit backward with her collection, and the first book I read by Slaughter was The Kept Woman, which was outstanding, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller. I then read The Good Daughter, which is also pretty amazing, Pretty Girls, Cop Town, Blindsighted, Triptych, Fractured and Undone. I am currently waiting for my next 3 books of the Will Trent series to arrive, and I can’t wait. While I wait, I suppose I’ll gush over Slaughter some more…
I quickly fell in love with Will Trent as I’m sure every fan has and wanted MORE MORE MORE too soon. I say too soon because I finished my last book before the following books were scheduled to be shipped. All of her books I seriously suggest reading… Like ASAP. I get all my books on Barnes and Noble, but I buy them used. So I pay $1.99 but you have to pay like $6.00 for shipping, which blows but whatever. If you are willing to buy a book with very very little damage. then, by all means, buy it used! Saves you some money. Anyways, I really love this author, every single book I’ve read so far by her is simply amazing and like I said, I’m waiting to add to my collection of her books. I’ll let you know how the rest of the series turns out, but to be honest, I can’t imagine it being anything less than awesome. If you love a good fast page turning, thriller read, then go check her out!!

Love Brigette

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” -Charles William Eliot 

Small Great Things By Jodi Picoult… The most important book I’ve ever read.

Small Great Things By Jodi Picoult

Like I said above, this book is the most important and most memorable book I’ve ever read. I am true to all of Jodi Picoult’s books, but this one is my favorite. The book starts off with an African American woman named Ruth who shares an experience with the reader that helped shape her career. She has a teenage son and lives as a widow. Ruth helps the reader understand how even though she lives as an upstanding citizen in her community, her son is an honor student about to apply to Yale, the color of her skin holds her back to be viewed as an equal. Picoult dives deep into the everyday racism people experience and lets it be seen that although you might not consider yourself racist, you are. Some may think that phrase is absurd, and I can tell you I felt the same way. I would never consider myself racist, and judge someone on the color of their skin, but on one’s actions instead. Picoult is able to show that is part of the problem and explains the difference between active racism and passive racism. Active racism is someone who openly talks about their hate and disgust for someone physically different from them. Active racism is telling a racist joke, believing in the inherent superiority of whites. Passive racism is noticing there is only one person of color in your office, and not asking why. Passive racism is the lack of diverse curriculum and not thinking twice about it, passive racism is reading your kid’s fourth-grade history book and noticing the only black history covered is slavery, and not asking why. Prejudice goes both way’s, there are those who suffer from it, and there are those who profit from it.

Before reading this book, I had never heard of white privilege. I had never really considered what that meant. I have had heard of profiling, however, and although it’s similar, it’s very different at the same time. Let’s say a white female 19-year-old with a good background and high GPA applies to a good college and a black 19 year old with a good background and high GPA applies to the same college, but only the white female is accepted. Or a black woman walks into a retail store and after a few moments of browsing, notices a store employee carefully watching her, assuming she will shoplift. A white woman walks into the same store and has no incident of being followed throughout her browsing. I might not be explaining this the best, but the point is, racism is as real today as it has ever been, and being naive to the situation is getting us nowhere. By reading this book, not only did I bond with the characters like I do with every Jodi Picoult book, but I ended the book with a sense of wanting to change my everyday actions and become more aware of how this issue is affecting people in our community.

The Washington Post said this is the most important book Jodi Picoult has ever read. And I have to say I agree completely. This book is the best book I’ve ever read and I highly recommend it to ANYONE! Truth be told, I think your foolish if you don’t read it.


Wait..What? A teen is arrested for imposing as an OBGYN.. And he got away with it for a month..

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Police say a teenager in Florida was “playing doctor” inside a real medical facility. The teen, who posed as a doctor, was able to walk the halls of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Police say he wore a white coat with the St. Mary’s logo. “I think it’s just crazy. I can’t believe he got away with it for a month,” Stacy Morales said. The impostor was busted while wearing a stethoscope […]

via Teen caught after posing as OB/GYN at hospital for month, fooling doctors —

Richard Glossip… Innocent or Guilty of hiring for murder? Glossip is already sitting on borrowed time, beating the death penalty 3 times.

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Richard Glossip is an American man who is currently on death row at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary after being convicted of organizing the 1997 murder of Barry Van Treese. At the time of his arrest in 1998, Glossip was only 34 years old and had no previous record involving violence or felony arrests. Glossip is the only prisoner on death row in Oklahoma who has no prior felony convictions. During his 20 years of wrongful imprisonment, he has never broken a single rule and has remained a model inmate. Barry Van Treese was the owner of a motel called Best Budget Inn and had employed Richard Glossip as the motel’s manager where he worked for two years before the murder occurred. Glossip was living in an apartment behind the motel with his girlfriend at the time and spent their days running the motel for his boss while Van Treese ran his other motels throughout Oklahoma.  Justin Sneed, the maintenance man working at the motel, is the man who has confessed to murdering Barry Van Treese. This is where the story gets frustrating for me because I believe Richard Glossip is innocent and the justice system has gotten this wrong. Glossip’s defence team has claimed that Justin Sneed was addicted to methamphetamines and murdered the victim with the motive of collecting the thousands of dollars Van Treese had on him at the time, to support his habit. Sneed entered the motel room that Van Treese was sleeping in and allegedly attempted to steal his car keys, to obtain the money, stashed in the trunk. Sneed claims Van Treese woke up, and the brutal fight broke out. Sneed was armed with an aluminium baseball bat and beat Van Treese to death, because “he wouldn’t give up the money.”

The prosecution’s star witness was the accused murderer himself, Justin Sneed. Sneed has been evaluated by a psychiatrist a number of times and they have concluded the same outcome, Sneed was incompetent and mentally ill. Sneed was on medication to treat manic bipolar episodes, and at the time of his arrest in 1997, he was withdrawing from drugs when he made the coerce claim that Richard Glossip made him kill their boss, Barry Van Treese so Glossip could take the motel into his hands and run the business, with the promise of giving Sneed money. At Glossip’s first trial, his lawyer at the time, Wayne Fornarant was extremely inexperienced and Glossip’s case was his very first homicide case, and death penalty case. Due to his lack of experience, Fornarant delivered an embarrassing job of preparing for the biggest case of his life, one of the many things he failed at doing was he did not call for the police tapes interrogating Justin Sneed and showing he was coerced into pointing the finger directly at Glossip. In Sneed’s first statement to the police, he never mentioned Glossip’s name, and only after the police had Glossip in their view, they gave Sneed the information they wanted him to say right on camera. It has been said by all Glossip activists that if the jury had seen the footage, the outcome would have been in Glossip’s favour.

In exchange for blaming Glossip for “masterminding” the plot, Sneed dodged his own death sentence and instead received a life in prison sentence. Justin Sneed is the only person to ever implicate Glossip in the crime. There was never any witnesses to confirm Sneed’s story. At the time of Justin Sneed’s arrest in 1998, the Oklahoma police detectives in charge of the case were accused of “steering” Sneed toward implicating Glossip. At different times throughout his imprisonment, Sneed has told at least 8 different versions of stories on the events of that night, and some of those stories don’t mention Glossip at all. Police interrogation experts reviewed the Sneed interrogation footage and said it was handled very poorly. The detectives should have let Sneed bring up Glossps name himself if he did at all. By the police bringing Glossip into the interview, experts say Sneed saw a way out and blamed Glossip for his own doing.

Glossip got the short end of the stick in two of his trials. They were both riddled with poor, lazy and unprepared legal representation. The first trial defended by Wayne Fornarant was overturned on appeal due to ineffective assistance of counsel, and he has since been disbarred. His second trial was provided with state-paid attorneys, and they conducted virtually no investigating and did little to none to prepare for their case. Their lack of effort on behalf of Glossip’s freedom and life paved the way for his conviction and a harsh death sentence. At both of these trials, if any of these so-called defence lawyers would have done their jobs, they would have been able to gather some easily found information that Glossip’s pro bono lawyers were able to find. For one, Justin Sneed was a drug addict and had been stealing from the hotel rooms to support his habit for awhile prior to the murder. Second, Justin Sneed was acting alone when he broke into the room (102) occupying his boss Barry Van Treese in hopes of finding money, and his plans changed when the man unexpectedly woke up “forcing” Sneed to rapidly make the decision to kill Van Treese. These events are so important because it suggests that the actual plan between Glossip and Sneed to murder Van Treese didn’t happen,

Glossip’s new lawyers have also discovered there was valuable information in the hands of a witness who was in prison with Justin Sneed, Michael Scott, after the trial of Richard Glossip. Scott came forward and told Glossip’s lawyers that he overheard Sneed “bragging” about successfully setting Richard Glossip up so he himself could escape the death penalty, and even heard him say that Glossip didn’t have anything to do with the murder. Another newly discovered witness, Jon Tapley stated he talked with Sneed about details of the murder, and Sneed “proudly” admitted to committing the crime and not once did he ever mention Glossip played a role at all.

This is a picture of Justin Sneed,  and it is beyond me how he can live with himself knowing he not only destroyed an innocent man’s life, but he helped the Oklahoma police who had a hard-on for killing Glossip, ruin the lives of those who love Glossip.


Currently, there is a petition set up by his lawyers asking for to grant a new and FAIR trial. If this blog has had any impact on you, and you feel this man is as innocent as I do, then I strongly encourage you to sign this petition. They need a lot more signatures to get this petition recognized, and like I mentioned, Glossip has beaten the death penalty 3 times already, getting granted “stays” due to the drug used by Oklahoma, causing the death to be slow, inhumane and torturous. It would be easy to overlook this case if Glossip was in fact guilty. But with not ONE shred of evidence pointing him in that direction and all the fuel the prosecution had was the statement made by a drug addict, admitting to the actual murder himself, it’s crazy this has gone on as long as it has. I’ve seen videos of Richard Glossip being interviewed, and the man harbours no hate or outrage for his situation. He is humble and hopeful the justice system will some way correct itself and believes he will NOT die one day at the hands of these angry mobsters. He thinks Justin Sneed is a troubled soul and made the remark “if he had done to someone as Sneed has done to him, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself, let alone sleep at night.” Please, it will take two seconds to sign your name on this petition, and even share it on your facebook page. I don’t have a facebook, so I decided to share this story with my blogging family. And I hope you do the same!

Thank you for reading this, and I truly hope you enjoyed it.

You can find the petition here-



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I pray for this man, and I hope we as a community can help save his life. I also pray for the troubled soul, Justin Sneed. He will need forgiveness in the afterlife because he is the only man guilty of any wrongdoing in this brutal murder.